ASIRIS is a DeepWeb monitoring platform for industrial-scale data gathering, processing and enrichment.

ASIRIS is the decision support system helping states decision-makers, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies to be more productive and effective.

Data mining processes based on AI and ML allows to build human behaviour model and predict events.

ASIRIS detects and controls information propaganda waves, detects extremist, criminal activities online and used as an early warning online threats detection system.

ASIRIS is a distributed and modular system for scalability, reliability and high performance. 4 Data Centers locations worldwide. 10+ Petabytes storage cluster.

Instant messengers monitoring

We continuously monitor and extract the public data, reveal real identities behind internet actors, build users correlations graphs and users psychometric behaviour profiles. 5 Years of DeepWeb data gathering. 10K+ data sources. 100+ new data sources monthly.

Instant DarkNet/DeepWeb extraction and data mining

Our advanced analytical and search tools provide ability to access billions of historical messages and posts stored at our text and objects clusters. 300M+ incoming messages and posts daily.

Data leaks monitoring

Allows to detect and control the compromised data and credentials in IPv4 and IPv6 Internet space.

Legal and compliant with GDPR

ASIRIS extracts data from open sources. There is no hacking or any interference with the end-users’ devices involved. ASIRIS complies with GDPR and other privacy protecting laws.

Data sources

Social networks, Instant Messengers, Forums and classifieds ads boards, State registries (GovOpenData), Corporate registrars registries, Real estate and transport registries, Public database leaks, Private databases, IP network traffic, Other data sources

ASIRIS helps

Counter Terror Units, Cyber Crime Investigation Units, Intelligence Agencies, Custom and Border Protection, Anti-Money Laundering Organisations, Fraud Investigations, Immigration Authorities, Elections Supervision Organisations, GovData Enrichment.

Models of cooperation

SaaS, API, Data transfer On-Prem. Two weeks trial accounts for LEA end-users at no charge.